Do I have to show multiple photos of every product?

Quick answer, no. We do recommend at least 3 photos of each item.

No, not if the item is essentially a flat object with only one side that will ever be exposed, like a simple hinge or a small knob. Beyond that, it will be best to follow the following ideal: your customers have to TRUST that what you are displaying online is EXACTLY what they will receive.

Photos matter. A CLEAN, white background does not distract from your product. The evenly-lit surfaces and detail shots make it easier for them to BUY. Don't skimp. Don't cut corners. Take beautiful shots of your amazing products.

If you don’t: 1) your customers may receive something from you that is not as it was shown in your one photo, or a poor-quality photo. Then, they will likely want to return it. Do you want returns? Do you want unsatisfied customers? No. So take good pictures and plenty of them. All sides. Details. Damage. Wear.