How are Products Organized and Categorized on ReCapturit?

ReCapturit uses the CSI MasterFormat, a Standard used in the Building Industry as an organizational and categorization system to ensure a clear understanding of the building materials and products being bought and sold.

FThe MasterFormat (sometimes referred to as the "Sweets code") was developed by the Construction Specifications Institute. CSI MasterFormat is the standard used to make sure there is clear communication and effective teamwork between manufacturers and builders. Every area of construction and manufacturing for the building industry is covered under the CSI MasterFormat. This is true for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. 

  •  Manufacturers use it to ensure that their products are consistent with these standards, meeting requirements such as size, weight, or material types. 
  • This enables construction companies to know what to expect and how to use the materials they purchase. 

This coding system works as a middleman, helping one industry make things clear for the other.

Recapturit is using the MasterFormat as a way to ensure clear communication and effective teamwork between our Sellers and Buyers. 

  • When Sellers load their products into their Seller Stores, they use the MasterFormat to categorize and describe each one. 
  • When Buyers are looking on ReCapturit for products and materials, they can browse categories from the home page. 
  • As ReCapturit grows, and the industry evolves, more and more Building Industry Professionals (Construction Companies, Architects, Remodelers, Building Contractors, Renovators) will seek used and surplus building materials for their projects. With the help of the MasterFormat organizational base, and our amazing selling partners, we will be able to build out a system to make it just as easy and efficient to locate specific #recaptured items, in needed quantities, as it is to order new...and have those items delivered directly to the job site at the best possible time for the project! 

For more information on the MasterFormat - check out this article!

What is the CSI MasterFormat & What’s its Purpose?


Here's what MasterFormat Categories look like on our homepage. (See the Masonry numbering) - 

Here is an example of how a specific product is categorized, using the MasterFormat - 

We believe that using this industry standard coding system will make buying and selling on ReCapturit easy and efficient for Building Industry Professionals, as well as provide a simple and robust organizational system for all of ReCapturit’s users.