What Type of Products can be Sold on ReCapturit?

ReCapturit is focused on recaptured building materials, which includes architectural salvage, deconstructed materials, surplus, factory seconds, salvaged furniture (including antiques and vintage), or items build from reclaimed building materials.

ReCapturit's focus on recaptured building materials includes anything from basic construction materials to unique architectural components, and everything in between! Anything normally built into, or permanently installed in, buildings, houses and other real property, including associated landscapes are appropriate items to list. Specific items include furniture, shelving, lighting, plumbing, doors and windows, floor coverings, tile, hardware, and fixtures. 

These may have come to you from salvage, demolition, or having been donated/discarded.  Of particular note, you can also list items that have never been previously sold to an end user, such as factory seconds, overstock, discontinued items, or custom items that have been returned. In addition, we welcome items that have been repurposed, or upcycled, or new items created using salvaged and reused building materials (80% by weight), including artwork. We want to make sure that useful and beautiful things stay out of the landfill and find new homes.